Saturday, 23 January 2016

Wrong Yank

We headed way west to try for Andy's bogey bird- Ring-necked Duck. With the long staying bird at Caerlaverock having disappeared a couple of days ago we headed to Castle Douglas. Unfortunately, despite extensive searching and hindered by crap advice from locals, the duck could not be found.

Disheartened we headed to Laurieston, where the grim weather conditions were far from ideal for raptor watching. We did have scores of Red Kite and Buzzard in the area, but a complete lack of Golden Eagle or Hen Harrier.

On to Caerlaverock, where we were a bit more successful. Obviously boat-loads of Barnacle Geese and Whooper Swan were seen along with a field full of Pink-footed Geese. A Brambling was on the feeders, while a Merlin hunted the saltmarsh before perching up for photos.

Barnacle Goose
Whooper Swan
On the way back to the car we checked the Folly Pond for the Green-winged Teal. This was quickly picked up, as it was being chased by Common Teal. As this bird sped to the right  another Green-winged Teal briefly popped out of the sedge.

Green-winged Teal

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