Friday, 8 January 2016

Wigeon Dip

My first proper dip of the year at Grindon Lough. After an hour and a half of standing in the sleet and snow, failing to pick out the American Wigeon, we admitted defeat.

To salvage the day we headed over to Winnows Hill above Derwent Reservoir where we picked up a couple of Red Grouse and then 6 male and 1 female Black Grouse feeding in trees. Four lumps by the road morphed into Grey Partridge and added another year tick.

Black Grouse
All quiet at Derwent Reservoir, which is as full as I've seen it, with the water lapping at the base of the hide.

Coal Tit at Pow Hill
A stop at Far Pasture gave 40+ Goldcrest and a single Chiffchaff.

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  1. And earlier in the year Derwent Reservoir was the lowest i've seen it !!!!! Were the Black Grouse at Winnows itself or further along by the tight double bend on the way to Blanchland Rob ??