Saturday, 28 May 2016


Another mixed day. Started lucky at Castle Island where I managed to pick up the Bonaparte's Gull in the scope as it flew down the river. It did look like it had landed, but by the time I got round to the north side there was no further sign. Other birds here were Avocet and Little Gull, but no sign of yesterday's Garganey.

The best part of an hour was spent at Druridge where there was again no sign of the Rosefinch. Only bird of note was a Great White Egret from the Budge screen.

At Hauxley point I was able to pick out a few Roseate Tern.

A drive across to Grindon Lough was fruitless as the Red-necked Phalarope was long gone.

The most exciting bit of the day was watching a Stoat catch and kill a Rabbit on the road at Druridge.


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