Tuesday, 17 May 2016


An early start got me through Middlesbrough before the traffic and up onto the North Yorks moors for the long staying trip of Dotterel. I picked up one bird immediately, about 200m west of Danby Beacon and another four crept out of the heather. Sitting in the car, I got great views as they ran around the short vegetation about 20m away before melting back into the heather at about 7am. The autofocus was playing up, so photos not as good as they could have been. Two Cuckoo could be heard in the valley below.


It was then over the moors to Sutton Bank, where unfortunately the Turtle Doves failed to show. A bit too much disturbance around the visitor centre and no sign in the woods. At least three Tree Pipit were singing on the heath along with Blackcap and Garden Warbler.

Tree Pipit

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  1. Hi Rob, this is Chris Pye from the Sutton Bank National Park Centre. I saw the tree pipits myself on Monday but didn't get any photos - would we be able to have a copy of this image on file? We like to keep a good record of wildlife around the centre and we rely heavily on folks like you!

    If you ever get any good shots around the area (particularly of the turtle doves!) we would love to see them.

    Many thanks,

    Chris Pye