Sunday, 8 May 2016

Clutching at Black Terns

My habit of ignoring car problems until terminal came to its natural conclusion this morning. Half of the day was written off with car hunting and thankfully a lift from my dad got me out and about this afternoon. Unfortunately too late for the Tree Pipit at Burdon Moor, but in time for the flock of ten superb Black Tern at Big Waters. Stunning birds, but a nightmare to get a photo.

Black Tern

8 of the 10
Black-tailed Godwit still at Shibdon

A Sedge Warbler Found by Richard W was at Burdon Moor.


  1. Best photographic opportunities came for us when we found initial 4...but mainly 3 together. Eventually coming in direction of smaller hide. Never had them close again after their ranks suddenly swelled to 10. Tried for a few shots from public end on leaving but no success of note.

  2. I saw on twitter that you had some crackers. Always distant for us and the way that they fly never makes an easy target. Great to see a flock though.