Sunday, 22 May 2016

Ruddy Duck

Popped up to Northumberland this afternoon on news of a drake Ruddy Duck. I gave it an hour, but with no sign I headed off. I was grateful for a text just a few minutes later from Jonny F to say it was showing again. A quick backtrack and I had the bird in my sights! A great looking bird and lucky to so far dodge the eradication scheme.

Phone-scoped Ruddy Duck

A couple of quiet seawatches from Whitburn the last two days. A few Little Tern and an Arctic Skua the highlights. Yesterday on the walk back to the car I had my first Small Copper of the year.

Small Copper

Two new Black-tailed Godwit dropped in at Shibdon yesterday.

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  1. That ruddy Ruddy Duck wasn't there early might have been tucked away somewhere, i suppose. Was in and out in 15 minutes as there was hardly a bird to be seen except a dozen or so Oycs tucked up on the west bank.