Thursday, 10 December 2015

Walk like an Egyptian

I popped up to Druridge Bay to see the Egyptian Goose, but it ended up taking all day to get it in the bag. Druridge Pool was the last throw of the dice and when we got news that it had been seen in fields to the west, we thought that it was going to be easy. On site we found that it had been flushed and flown north. Following north on foot, checking fields and pools, we got just past East Chevington when we got news that it was at Ladyburn Lake. A few minutes later it was bagged with thanks to Dave E for news and the lift back to the car.

Egyptian Goose
At Creswell the Long-billed Dowitcher was still present, but miles away on the west shore. A Short-eared Owl was showing well on the walk to the hide. Two drake Pintail were at Druridge, 4 Otter and a Marsh Harrier at East Chevington and a Merlin shot past opposite Bell's Farm.

Short-eared Owl

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