Saturday, 26 October 2013

Scotland to the grave

Decided this morning to head up to St. Abbs to try for the Sardinian Warbler. Arrived at 08.30 to be shown cracking photos of the bird perched in the open from only 5 mins before I got there. Over the next hour and a half it called twice without showing. For the next hour or so I had 3 good, but brief views. A very skulky bird and was always partially obscured by foliage.

Sardinian Warbler
While waiting tit flocks flitted through with several Goldcrest and a couple of Chiffchaff called.
Got back home mid afternoon planning to call it a day, but news of crap weather for tomorrow had me heading to Hartlepool for the Dusky Warbler.
The scrub opposite the Jewish Cemetery was the location and 2 hours in fading light gave only very crap views as the bird tacked its way through thick vegetation. Also here were Blackcap and a late Swallow.

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