Thursday, 10 October 2013

Mop Up

Spent the day on St. Mary's trying to mop up stuff on the island. The pre-breakfast jaunt was, at last, a success. The Bluethroat was superb, showing down to less than 10 feet and the Purple Heron put in an appearance, flying over Lower Moors.

The Garrison was quiet with a pair of Blackcap and a few Goldcrest.
A distant Wryneck was at Juliet's Garden and a Whimbrel was at Porthloo.
Peninnis held cracking Snow and Lapland Bunting, both feeding on the path. The Snow Bunting feeding by our feet. A Clouded Yellow butterfly was a life tick as it fluttered by in the strong northerly.
Lapland Bunting
Snow Bunting
At Telegraph the Richard's Pipit showed pretty well, but it was hard to get a decent photo through the watching scrum.
Richard's Pipit
Despite the cold weather there were plenty of butterfly with Clouded Yellow, Small Copper, Red Admiral, Comma and Speckled Wood. A detour to the dairy to twitch the Scarce Black Neck Moth (in a jar) was a success!
Red Admiral


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