Thursday, 2 March 2017

American Wigeon

A bit chilly this morning, but the conditions looked ideal for displaying raptors, so I headed up to the wilds of Northumberland. Unfortunately the birds weren't playing ball. Hunting Buzzard and Kestrel, plus a very brief Goshawk were all I saw in the first couple of hours. I was then treated to prolonged (though distant) views of a pair of Goshawk chasing each other low over the woods and through the clear fell areas. Also several Crossbill, including a young male drinking from a small puddle in the middle of the road.

From here it was down to Grindon Lough where the American Wigeon eventually gave itself up after two hours scoping in an icy wind. Also here were 13 Russian White-fronted Geese and 3 Pochard.

American Wigeon

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  1. Hi Rob

    Was trying to find your e-mail on your blogger profile but all it says is : 'Rob Stonehouse...male!' My e-mail is Any chance I could have a few of your Vireo shots from St Agnes last September for an article I'm compiling for Birdguides. All I can find on the blog is the Vireo's arse! Funnily enough, it was the exact first view I had of the one I found in early November, ten seconds looking at its yellow undertail before it turned round and confirmed it was what I thought it was. But I'm sure you managed some better shots of the September birds later, right? Cheers Graham