Sunday, 18 December 2016

Rock Pipit

A couple of good Gateshead birds over the last few days. First up was a Barnacle Goose that Lee H. had dropping in at Lamseley, just as the light was fading on the 11th. A dash over and we were still able to pick it out of the Greylag in the near dark. The female Pintail was feeding with Mallard in the small pool in front of the hide.

Next up was the Rock Pipit that David A. found at Dunston on the 16th. A couple of hours the next day failed to turn up a bird that I've hoping for and put in a fair bit of effort looking for over the last few years. It was looking like another dip yesterday, but as I was standing on the promenade talking to David the Pipit dropped in. It was flitting along the edge of the promenade wall, so no chance of a photo before it disappeared. Here's one of David's from the 16th.

Rock Pipit (David Atkinson)
Seawatching has been a bit curtailed with Christmas shopping, but I managed a good watch on the 15th with Pomarine Skua, Bonxie and Great Northern Diver. Full results here.

The Barnacle Goose was again at Lamesley today along with the Pintail, 4 Wigeon and 5 Gadwall.

Barnacle Goose

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