Thursday, 8 December 2016

Dusky and Pallid

An early start and down to Beeley in the Peak District this morning. We were caught up in traffic through Chesterfield and arrived in the half-light and rain to news that the Dusky Thrush had already shown. A tense ten minutes then cracking views as it moved around the orchard. Unfortunately the light was so bad that even at ultra-high ISO my photos were just blurs. Fortunately after we had tucking into sausage sarnies the rain stopped and the thrush reappeared. Difficult to photograph, as it stuck to the apple trees, but you can see what it is...

Dusky Thrush

From here it was across country to Welwick at Spurn. A few minutes wait until a Hen Harrier drifted through and two Merlin were sitting on posts on the marsh. A Water Pipit flew over and then the prize, a cracking juvenile Pallid Harrier.

Pallid Harrier

Hen Harrier
An excellent day out. Thanks to Dave for driving and Metallica for the sound track.


  1. Hi Rob. Still checking up from time to time to see what you're up to... You've seen far too many good birds since you left Scilly for my liking! I'm off to stay on St Mary's for a week tomorrow. You know what happened the last time I spent the night on there (clue: September sixth).

  2. Surely a Sibe Acc must have filtered down by now...