Saturday, 20 August 2016


Slightly fewer of us braved the wild sea again today. The target of the weekend was Wilson's Petrel and today we managed four of them. Lured into the slick from the chum, we eventually managed some cracking views and at one point two in view together. I'm still having trouble getting the camera onto the birds from the rolling deck, so hoping for better photos tomorrow if the sea is a bit less bumpy.

Wilson's Petrel
You can just make out the yellow webs

Storm and Wilson's Petrel
Drifting with the chum also brought in plenty of Storm Petrel. Again a nightmare to photograph!

Storm Petrel

More big Shearwater with 20+ Cory's and 6 Great. One Great, dragged in by the gull flock gave stunning close views.

Great Shearwater
Cory's Shearwater

To cap the day off a Yellow-legged Gull joined the flock as we headed for home.

Yellow-legged Gull

A stunning day! More tomorrow.


  1. You seem to have had a cracking time so far with some great shots. Hope it is a bit calmer tomorrow and thanks for the info re my blog.

  2. I know how awful it is trying to capture shots on a choppy day on the North Sea so you did quite well considering Rob.