Tuesday, 8 March 2016


A pretty crap start to March, with some grim weather and no new birds. My flat has a Hedgehog infestation.  A trip on the 1st to Scotland resulted in a dip of Surf Scoter and just missing a Scottish Caspian Gull at Dunbar, with just a flyover Iceland Gull as compensation. Most of the rest of the time has been spent trawling around Gateshead with nothing to show for it. A couple of trips to Sunderland academy gave excellent views of Water Pipit and 4 litoralis Rock Pipit (a couple looking stunning in summer plumage).

litoralis Rock Pipit
Today, after a hard day gardening, I was enjoying a cuppa and walnut whip when a tweet from Ross came through- Guillemot at Bill Quay. A frantic and frustrating dash through rush hour traffic followed and I startled an amorous couple as I launched from the car upon reaching the Tyne. A frantic search along the Tyne in fading light quickly gave up the Guillemot and I managed to rattle off a few shots. Possibly not the best Guillemot photos, but the best taken in Gateshead!

Guillemot- a Gateshead tick

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