Monday, 21 March 2016

Gateshead Year Ticks

First up was to Gibside to try for the Crossbill that Sacha had heard yesterday. A pleasant stroll in the sun with Buzzard and Red Kite displaying overhead and just as I got close to the bird hide I heard the 'chip chip' of a small party of Crossbill. A few minute wait and 2 male Crossbill dropped into the trees in front of me. Walking back to the car I heard another small flock, high in the pines.

Following an unsuccessful trawl around Gateshead I got a text from Brian S to say he had a Little Egret at Lamesley. Kicking myself as I'd just left Lamesley, I dropped back down to see the bid hunched down on the bank of the Team. It flew from here to the flash pool for some distant photos.

Little Egret
This evening a tweet from Lee H got me back up to Burdon Moor where the Stonechat was waiting for me on the fence line. I hung until dark fell, but the Woodcock weren't roding in the cold wind.

Great to have the birds lined up for me, but hopefully I'll find something myself!

George has had a Herring Gull at Shibdon that was ringed at Rufforth on 26th February. Hopefully a Caspian Gull will follow.

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