Wednesday, 9 September 2015

No happy Fea's

After last night's news of a Fea's Petrel moving past Yorkshire, I was sitting in the dark, waiting for daylight in Whitburn Obs. Unfortunately no sign of the Fea's, but there was a decent movement of ducks. News of another/the same Fea's passing Spurn got me back for a late afternoon session with fewer birds, but more quality.

Wigeon    90n
Teal    177n
Little Gull    2s
Red-throated Diver    8n  12s
Curlew    2n
Arctic Skua    2n  7s
Whimbrel    1s
Shag     1n
Sandwich Tern    5n  7s
White-beaked Dolphin    4n
Common Tern    8n  81s
Knot    1n
Dunlin    25n
Brent PB    6n
Black-headed Gull    6n  25s
Common Scoter    833n
Velvet Scoter    1n

Common Tern    51n
Manx Shearwater    5n
Arctic Skua    6n
Red-throated Diver    1s
Common Scoter    54n
Bonxie  2n
Puffin    10n
Little Gull    3n
Teal    7n
Sandwich Tern    1n  2s
Roseate Tern    8n
Balearic Shearwater    1n
Long-tailed Skua    1n
Eider    2n

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