Saturday, 5 September 2015

Great Shearwater

The Great Shearwater went north past a packed Whitburn Obs at 17.28. It capped an excellent day seawatching and was swiftly followed by a high flying flock of 8 Pomarine Skua.

05.50-10.30 and 13.45-17.40
Manx Shearwater    186n
Little Gull    8n  1s
Knot    38n
Common Scoter    11n  3s
Eider    3n  3s
Red-throated Diver    11n  11s
Sandwich Tern    36n  29s
Wigeon    157n
Pintail    14n
Common Tern   36n  1s
Sooty Shearwater    55n
Bonxie    19n
Puffin    4n
Arctic Skua    11n  12s
Teal    207n
Dunlin    5n
Ringed Plover    5n
Sanderling    3n
Shag    2n  9n
Long-tailed Skua    1s
Shoveler    1n
Brent Goose    30n
Tufted Duck    3n
Shelduck    3n
Peregrine 1 hunting over sea
Balearic Shearwater    2n
Arctic Tern    2n
Grey Plover    1n
Great Shearwater    1n
Pomarine Skua    8s

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  1. Glad to see the hours seawatching are paying off m8