Saturday, 23 May 2015

Dragons and Butterflies

The lack of birds in Gateshead continues, so on the first proper warm, sunny day I was wandering around looking for dragonflies and butterflies. My first dragons of the year at Kibblesworth brick works, with newly emerged Common Blue and Azure Damsel and Four-spotted Chaser. Surprisingly few butterflies out today, but I did see a couple of Dingy Skipper and the first Small Heath of the year.

Four-spotted Chaser
Common Blue
Orange Tip
Small Heath


  1. Amend that to first Common Blue Damselfly of the year in Gateshead Rob :-) Only one small stripe on the thorax (as opposed to two on azure) and black abdominal markings are torpedo shaped rather than rectangles.

  2. Cheers Alan. Assumed this was Azure, as had a few male Azure as well. Surprised that there were no Large Red.