Thursday, 6 November 2014

Little Auk

I hadn't seen a Little Auk since about 1985. This morning I saw 932 of them, all heading north past Whitburn. Travelling in small flocks and singles, some passed close inshore where they unfortunately fell to hungry Great Black-backed Gulls. Also heading north at 08.17 was a Black Guillemot, accompanying 4 Common Scoter, which was also my first since the early eighties. Also this morning was a trickle of Thrushes, limping in just above the waves. A Woodcock flushed from the path down to the Obs.


Little Auk    932n
Common Scoter    75n  1s
Goldeneye    2n  2s
Red-throated Diver    10n  1s
Great Crested Grebe    1n  1s
Wigeon    37n
Teal    53n  25s
Fieldfare    79 in off sea
Curlew    2s
Golden Plover    80n
Black Guillemot    1n
Little Gull    4s
Common Tern    1n
Red-breasted Merganser    1n
Black-throated Diver     1s
Great Northern Diver    1s
Eider    7n
Shelduck    3n
Blackbird   3 in off sea
Redwing    10 in off sea
Mallard    4s

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