Friday, 31 October 2014

In the bag!

An emergency holiday was put in and I was back down at Brotton before first light. A crowd of 50 or so were waiting for the best part of an hour before someone got fleeting views of the Eastern Crowned Warbler. A couple of frantic dashes about the woods followed until everyone got onto the bird, which eventually showed very well in an ash by the road. Like an Arctic Warbler in build, it had a striking head pattern with the very dark eye stripe and cap framing the bright supercilium. Sadly, although I had great views, I couldn't get a photo through the foliage in the crap light. Judging by the cracking photos around the web, it must have shown very well this afternoon.

While waiting for the star of the show to reappear a very vocal Yellow-browed Warbler zipped around the wood and a constant stream of thrushes moved overhead.

No photos today, but I went home happy.

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