Friday, 30 May 2014


Headed down to South Gare first thing in hope of getting some better Bee-eater photos. It was not to be as it appeared the birds had gone over night. A Black Redstart was flitting about the sea wall.

Black Redstart
Not sure where to go next I decided to keep going south and headed for Wykeham Forest. After the long drive I arrived in the forest without a clue where to go. After driving around for a while I pulled over to ask a couple for directions. As soon as I wound down the window a Turtle Dove started turr-turring. Unable to get any directions a bit of aimless driving did the trick and I found the raptor watch point car park. A fantastic view point looking over the tree tops and valley beyond. Initially cold and grey it soon brightened up and the first Buzzard started soaring. A Honey Buzzard appeared high to east, steering with its tail like a kite. The bird put on a tremendous display, wing clapping for the next 5 mins. Next up was a pair of Goshawk soaring together with a Buzzard. Another prolonged display by the Honey Buzzard and I headed back north.

Honey Buzzard
News that the Bee-eaters had returned meant another stop at South Gare. I picked up a Bee-eater flying over as I drove, but unfortunately it landed a fair distance away. Photos worse than yesterday.

Next to Hartlepool Headland. The Icterine Warbler was picked up after a few minutes and gave brief, but excellent views. Also here was a Spotted Flycatcher and a Garden Warbler.

Icterine Warbler

Not a bad day!

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