Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Marty Pellow

Very wet at the coast this morning. It started raining as I got out of the car at Druridge at 07.45 and didn't stop till early afternoon. Spent an hour there dipping Black Redstart and getting soaked before heading north to Bamburgh. The weather was awful still and little was moving at sea. A tight flock of 7 summer plumage Slavonian Grebe were feeding just off the rocks.

Braved another drenching at Newton, walking from the tin church, around the point, down to Newton Pool and back again. Little was showing in the rain, but 2 Willow Tit and a Goldcrest were near the pool that held 6 Goldeneye. The walk back was more productive as the rain stopped. Plenty of Rock Pipit and 2 Stonechat were on the rocks and the trees behind the tin church were alive with birds. 6+ Chiffchaff, 3 Goldcrest and the first Willow Warbler of the year. Also loads of Linnet, 2 Coal Tit and 2 Tree Sparrow.

Garganey next at Buston Links Pond. A cracking male was seen immediately and after a couple of minutes it flew over to the next pool where it coaxed another out of the reeds.


After this success I had another go for the Black Redstart at Druridge. It took over an hour to pick up the bird which flitted over the road and onto a fence. It was joined by a Meadow Pipit and then another Black Redstart flitted up before all three dropped into the field. I jogged round to the gate, but could only re-find one of the Black Redstart for photos.

Black Redstart
Also seen here were fly-bys from male and female Marsh Harrier.
Other than getting soaked and getting a puncture, a canny day.
Apologies are due to an Italian visitor to the blog. They had typed "dogging" into Google and I assume that they were disappointed to be directed to my ranting about dog walkers thwarting my attempt to see a Bonaparte Gull. I hope that they found satisfaction in a car park closer to home!

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  1. Ha! that happened on my blog as well when I referred to the pond in Thornley Woods as the 'dogging pond' because people let their mutts rampage through it and to hell with the wildlife (especially annoying when the hawkers are emerging and end up drowned in the pond). Had numerous google searches of 'dogging' even 'dogging Gateshead' and 'dogging chopwell woods'. A bit closer to home than your pervy visitor.
    Back to business though, sounds like you had a canny day in the end. Cheers