Saturday, 5 April 2014

Gateshead Mega

A quick trip to Burdon Moor after work in hope of a Ring Ouzel. Just after turning left to walk up the loop a bird flushed from the field to the left. Large, fat, long neck and a tiny head, it was all grey/brown with white wing bars. My brain turned to mush as it flew away strongly, gaining height to over 100 feet and flying several hundreds of yards and seemed to drop in the fields to the right of the house on the top of the fell. Female BLACK GROUSE...WOW!!!!

Ran back to the car and up to the top, but 45 mins of searching couldn't relocate the bird. Hopefully it has just gone to roost and can be found in the morning.

I have never heard of any Black Grouse being released in the area, so unless I hear otherwise it is wild and on my Gateshead list. Get in!!!

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