Friday, 19 June 2015

Working hard

A week working in the far north west of Scotland. It was cold, wet and windy, even for Scotland. The week started well with a Golden Eagle and finding an eyrie complete with chick. A walking survey high in the mountains had the expected Dunlin, Golden Plover and Greenshank, but also cracking close views of an Otter in a stream at 1500 feet. It initially swam off, but quickly came back to a few feet away and lay in the water blowing bubbles at me.

Otter blowing bubbles
Six hours of Wednesday was spent surveying from a vantage point in some horrendous weather. Hunkered down behind a rock for three hours when I heard a flapping sound and looked round to see a Golden Eagle looking at me from 10 feet away, before panicking at flying off. After spending a couple of minutes displaying it soared off across the valley.

Other work highlights were 2 summer plumage Black-throated Diver and a Wood Sandpiper displaying over its breeding grounds.

Black-throated Diver

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