Monday, 23 March 2015

Big White Stuff

I started the day at Burdon Moor and was barely out of the car park when 33 Whooper Swan flew north calling. By far the biggest flock that I've had in Gateshead. With Paul's 7 yesterday at Timber Beach and Mike's 9 over Birtley Reedbeds this morning it must count as our best ever passage.

Whooper Swan
A bit wind-swept at Burdon Moor, but there were 2 Red Kite, a Buzzard and 300+ Golden Plover. No sign of yesterday's Stonechat.

Watergate was quiet with some noisy tree shredding going on, but there were 2 singing Chiffchaff and a Grey Wagtail. A Snipe was flushed by a dog chasing Mallards through the reed beds.

News of a Great White Egret and up to Castle Island where the bird was quickly picked up roosting on an island, showing best from the south side of the river.

Great White Egret
A return to Gateshead, but all quiet at Lamesley.


  1. i seen a female stonechat on saturday on the new fence on the left up to the silver gate, it wasnt doing much just kinda looked lost, i hung around for a while to see if any others would show but nothing, shame as i knew you said you had 5 a few weeks ago.

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  3. I think that they are all just passing through, but hopefully a pair will stop to breed.